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Unvented cylinders

Unvented cylinders are an excellent option for those with two or more bathrooms and a larger demand for plentiful hot water. Unvented cylinders are the modern equivalent of the type of system with have tanks in the loft. Unvented cylinders do away with the need for tanks in the loft, although you will still obviously need to site the cylinder in your house somewhere.

The development of modern expansion vessels and safety valves has meant you can now have stored hot water in your cylinder at mains pressure, allowing excellent showers and quick bath-filling times. As with a combi boiler, it is important that your plumber checks that you have adequate pressure and flow rate in the mains supplying your property before choosing this option.

Unvented cylinders are manufactured in sizes ranging from 100 to 300 litres, allowing you to choose to right size to suit your needs, space and budget.

The storage of hot water at high pressures is potentially very dangerous. It is therefore important to ensure that your installer is qualified to work on this type of system by checking their unvented qualification card. There are a variety of devices fitted to the cylinder and its pipework to prevent the pressure building up to a dangerous level and it is important that a qualified installer fits and maintains your system.

h2flow is qualified to install and service your unvented cylinder.