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Brighton plumber, h2flow, will be posting our lastest news, plumbing advice and some examples of our plumbing and heating installations across Sussex. To keep updated please follow us on our business pages on facebooktwitter or google+.

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We are happy to offer any plumbing related advice for free. If you are thinking about having a go at fixing any plumbing problems yourself then call us for advice first. Sometimes (more often than not!) making repairs is a lot trickier than it looks. If you are quite handy then you might fancy repairing that leak yourself. Call us first if you have any doubts though and we can talk you through what you need to do.

If you would like to email us any pictures that can be very helpful in working out what needs to be done. Find our email and postal contact details here.

New bathroom install

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Mr and Mrs H from Shoreham wanted to update their bathroom in their large semi-detached house. They wanted to get rid of the bath and install a large shower enclosure. The work was quite extensive as it involved a complete strip out, renewing rotten joists, re-running pipework, relaying parts of the floor and building new walls to square and level out the old ones. I also fitted a dual fuel towel rail so that they could have warm and crisp towels throughout the warmer months when the heating system was switched off. The new thermostatic...

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The Gas Safe Register

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One of the questions we’re often asked here at h2flow is what things people should look out for in a plumber or heating engineer. The first thing we always say is to make sure you’re contractor is listed on the Gas Safe Register. Until the 1st April 2009 plumbers working in the gas industry were governed by Corgi; the governing body is now called Gas Safe. Gas can be extremely dangerous, not just due to its highly flammable and explosive nature: poorly installed and maintained appliances can produce carbon monoxide which can often...

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