Worcester Bosch boilers

As a Brighton boiler installer, customers usually ask me which boilers I prefer to install. At h2flow we have experience with all makes and models of boilers from the different manufacturers. But if...

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5 Ways To Improve Your EPC Rating

An EPC rating refers to a building’s energy efficiency as introduced in the UK in 2007. The rating runs from A (very efficient) to G (inefficient). In Britain, there are some of the coldest and...

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How a tile a bathroom

Beginning the tiling process can be confusing, especially when it comes to where to start. But today we are going to give you a few guidelines on how to get started and actually finish this job....

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How to unblock a bathroom sink

We have all experienced at some time a blocked or slow draining bathroom sink. The first reaction may be to run out and buy an easy to use but corrosive drain cleaning product. But hold on, there...

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