Many apartments have small bathrooms, but lots of options also exist to make them appear larger and less cramped; for example, clever visual tricks and proper arrangement of your bathroom.

These options depend on individual preferences, and with proper designing of a new bathroom, you are bound to make it feel cosy and intimate. The following tips will come in handy when deciding how to make a small bathroom look bigger:

Colour Trick

Use a pale, soft colour scheme to give an illusion of a large space. Apply the colour throughout the room, including the walls and ceiling; choose a colour that is cohesive with the floor. Light-coloured flooring will open up the floor, too.

Avoid contrasting colours. If you prefer contrasting colours, you can limit the bright colours to objects like a light fixture, a low cabinet or towels. Also, don’t use strong exciting colours. Avoid patterned paint job and wallpapers.

Unclutter The Bathroom

As you work on how to make a small bathroom look bigger, uncluttering it will be more effective. Bathrooms contain abundant toiletries, and if not properly arranged, the place will look cluttered and clumsy. Optimise your storage space by keeping only essential objects in the bathroom, and store everything else away.

Also, you can choose a stand-up shower instead of a bathtub; bathtubs in a small bathroom can be too small and not comfortable enough.

Alternatively, you can recess your cabinetry into the walls. Consider the sizes of the vanity, sinks, toilets, and bathtubs in relation to your bathroom to get the right scale. Bathroom wall niches can be placed on any preferred wall; for example, next to a washbasin. You can expand under sink organisers or compact linen closets.

Lighting Up The Bathroom

Proper lighting will make the room appear larger. A recessed can light, counter top lamps, wall sconces, and more expensive alternatives like skylights, Solatubes, and larger windows will all enhance the lighting in a room, and this will make the room visually larger.

Windows usually permit natural light, so it is important to use curtains that will allow natural light while maintaining your privacy. Also, tone-to-tone stained glass windows and translucent window shades can allow natural light. Good lighting will be good when shaving or applying makeup.

Use Mirrors Effectively

When considering how to make a small bathroom look bigger, mirrors will be effective in creating such illusions because of the light reflection. You can have a large mirror and other small ones, or a number of mirrors arranged artistically instead of one large one.

You can place the mirror on a wall, opposite a window, thus creating an illusion of two windows. Install the large mirror above a sink. In slim powder rooms, you can fit the mirror wall-to-wall. If it has low ceilings, install the mirror close to the ceilings to make it appear larger, and this will also make it grander.

Bathroom with tiled floor

Uniform Floor Tiles

With a single tile style that continues into the shower, you can create a visually larger room. The tiles exhibiting such harmony will make the backdrop singular; space will also look cleaner and less busy. On the other hand, tiles on the walls that run on into showers will lead to an expansive look.


Learning how to make a small bathroom look bigger will result in more visual appeal and trick the eye into a larger bathroom view. It will also complement your bathroom design effort and declutter your bathroom, hence a large workspace. Having a cosy and charming space will improve your experience.