Wow what a crazy week it has been. I was shattered by the end of it. Finished off the shower room I have been busy with over the past couple of weeks, fitted 4 boilers (with the help of a sub-contractor) and did a few smaller jobs in between. On Tuesday night I did not get in until 9.30 having started at 7.30am – I could barely move!

On the plus side my customer in Palmeira Square, Hove is very, very happy with the finished result. It was quite a challenging job as the room was quite small and the walls were all over the place. I stripped it completely and got all the walls flat and straight and dropped the ceiling down to hide the ventilation. As the shower room was internal to the flat the soil pipe ran through the bedroom below a platform that had been built previously. I had never come across this before but it meant that the shower had to be put on a platform to allow sufficient fall for the drainage – I think the end result came out well. I will post some pictures but it still needs to be painted so I will wait until that has been completed.

One of my boiler installations was in Sussex Heights in Brighton on the 21st floor – the views are incredible up there, you can see the whole of the city. Needless to say this makes taking the tools and materials a bit of a pain. I shouldn’t complain really – at least there was a lift – not like at Palmeira Square where my apprentice and I had to take up every item up (and down) 4 floors!

It’s another busy week ahead – I hope it rolls on until Christmas…