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In most cases powerflushing is important before fitting a new boiler. It is important that the inside of your radiator system is clean. A dirty system will not do your shiny new boiler any favours.

When should I powerflush?

You don’t have to powerflush every system. Most modern systems are usually sealed from the atmosphere and are dosed with an inhibitor. Inhibitors will stop corrosion from occurring in your heating system. In this case your system may be fairly clean and will only require your plumber to perform a chemical flush (if permitted by the manufacturer’s instructions).

Does your system presents any of the following symptoms? If so powerflushing can help:

  • system takes a while to get up to temperature
  • boiler is noisy
  • radiators do not heat throughout and/or are rusty
  • pump failure
  • boiler lockout

Powerflushing involves a plumber connecting specialist equipment to your system and filling it with chemicals to remove the build up of iron oxide, scale and debris in your system.

A clean system will extend the lifetime of your boiler and be more energy efficient.

h2flow uses a Fernox powerflushing machine with a very powerful pump.

Powerflushing machine

If you think your system is underperforming a could do with a flush please contact us here. We can visit and offer completely free advice on how to get the best from you heating system.